Announcement About Completion of Brand Upgrade of DIBI Ecosystem

2 min readAug 19, 2021

Dear all,

In order to further improve the global strategic layout of the DIBI ecology and further expand the European market, DIBI ecology has reached a strategic investment agreement with the British Carl Monte Quantum Fund and carried out an overall brand upgrade of the DIBI platform.

After the overall brand upgrade, the DiBi Global trading platform under DIBI Ecosystem will be renamed DeerBit Global, and the original logo will also be upgraded.

After the update of DeerBit Global is completed, please uninstall the original version and manually download and install the APP to update.

Download link:

In addition, the DBLend lending platform under the DIBI Ecosystem will be renamed DBLend Line lending platform, and the original logo will also be upgraded

The original DIBI ecological DiBi Token has undergone contract migration, the new token name has been changed to DeerBit Token, the original DiBi Token holders have completed a snapshot, and the new DeerBit Token token mapping has also been counted.

DeerBit Token (DEBI) token contract address: 0xf67B5123A873Bf70D2bba20a62DF981973691B57

At the same time, DBL, the official token of the DBLend Line lending platform, has also completed the migration of the mining contract, the abbreviation of DBL token remains unchanged, and the snapshot and mapping of the original DBL token has been completed.

New DBL token contract address: 0x43Fc893f68b0fB654027F87b090060bfB0cc4c81

All users are requested to look for the address of the new DEBI and DBL contract, and beware of being deceived!

The scope of this brand upgrade is the first time for DIBI ecology. Through this comprehensive brand upgrade of major sectors, it will surely bring a new experience to all users of the DIBI ecosystem. With the continuous expansion of the global strategic layout of the DIBI ecosystem, the DIBI ecosystem will surely enjoy a global reputation.

Thanks to all users for their continued support and understanding!

The new DeerBit is about to open a new era!

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Thank you for your support. DIBI look forward for your advices.

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