Announcement About the Seventh Phase “Earn” of DIBI

Dear all,

Since the start of the “Earn” area of DiBi Global trading platform, it has been sought after and supported by the majority of community users.

After a short wait, the seventh phase activity has also come. I hope that interested users will pay attention to the registration time so as not to miss it. “DBL mining phase 7” is about to open.

The activity rules of “DBL mining phase 7” are as follows:

The seventh phase of DIBI will start to register at 12:00 (GMT + 8) on July 12, 2021. The quota is limited. The deadline for registration is 12:00 (GMT + 8) on July 18, 2021.

After the registration, the DIBI pledged by the seventh phase will be locked and begin to calculate interest at 00:00 (GMT + 8) on July 19, 2021. The lock time is 30 days. The interest will stop and unlock the pledged DIBI at 00:00 (GMT + 8) on August 18, 2021. Meanwhile, all DBL proceeds will be released on time at 00:00 (GMT + 8) on August 19, 2021

After the mining conditions are met, the government will pledge all locked DIBI to DBLend pool on time, and the contract will start to dig DBL. The final income of each user will be automatically calculated according to the proportion of locked DIBI after the end of the lock period (30 days), and will be distributed to the user’s financial account within 24 hours after the end (the system will automatically deduct 10% of the DBL income as the mining commission).


Lower limit of the seventh phase of DIBI “Earn”: 300 million DIBI

Upper limit of the seventh phase of DIBI “Earn”: 700 million DIBI

Minimum individual participation: 100000 DIBI

Maximum individual participation: 30 million DIBI


Log in to the official website of DiBi Global exchange( ), click the home page navigation bar [Earn] to participate.

DiBi Group

Telegram Group:

Telegram Channel::



DiBi Global website: https://

Thank you for your support. DiBi look forward for your advices.

DiBi Global





DeerBit Global Exchange是DIBIibi科技有限公司打造的全球首个交易平台,专注于打造去中心化交易规则。

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DeerBit Global Exchange是DIBIibi科技有限公司打造的全球首个交易平台,专注于打造去中心化交易规则。

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