Announcement on Preventing Fake DIBI Platforms

Dear all,

In recent days, there have been many fake DiBi Global trading platforms in the market, and even fake mining machine sales. Please check the official DiBi Global platform for all users to prevent being deceived.

Please check out the following official links:

Official website of DiBi Global :

DiBi Global Standby:

DiBi Global download link:

DiBi Group

Telegram Group:

Telegram Channel::



DiBi Global website: https://

Thank you for your support. DiBi look forward for your advices.

DiBi Global




DeerBit Global Exchange是DIBIibi科技有限公司打造的全球首个交易平台,专注于打造去中心化交易规则。

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DeerBit Global Exchange是DIBIibi科技有限公司打造的全球首个交易平台,专注于打造去中心化交易规则。