British Carl Monte Quantum Fund Strategically Invest, DIBI Ecological Brand is Fully Upgraded

4 min readAug 6, 2021

Since 2020, with the launch of a DeFi revolution that has swept the world, blockchain technology has continuously burst out innovative vitality, while also bringing the whole world closer.

In this revolution, countless unicorns have appeared, such as Uniswap and DIBI ecology.

DIBI ecology is invested and established by the DIBI Foundation of Singapore. It contains four major applications, namely, Task Catcher super flow pool ,DiBi Global exchange, Meteorite quantification platform and DBLend lending platform. Among them, DBLend lending platform has won the global famous investment company “BCB wealth management limited” the offshore fund “BCB token fund” to inject with 8 million US dollars.

Since its official launch in the second half of 2019, with its strong ecological structure and first-class service experience, the number of registered platform users and daily activities have continued to rise. While users have gradually recognized the DIBI ecosystem, the DIBI ecosystem has also been favored by many investment institutions.

Since 2021, the blockchain industry has developed with each passing day. In order to actively respond to various challenges brought about by the new market situation, give full play to innovative advantages to deploy to the global market, and provide more valuable services, the DIBI ecosystem has decided to start a comprehensive upgrade of the brand.

At the same time, in order to further improve the global strategic layout of the DIBI ecology and further expand the European market, DIBI ecology has reached a strategic investment agreement with the British Carl Monte Quantum Fund, which will undoubtedly help the DIBI ecology to obtain a compliant operation in the European market.

The DIBI ecosystem will upgrade the overall brand of the DIBI platform with the assistance of the Carl Monte Quantum Fund in the United Kingdom. The upgraded DIBI ecosystem will be able to better carry out business in the European market. At the same time, professional compliance services will also be supported by more users in the European market.

On August 13, 2021, the DIBI ecosystem will officially usher in a brand upgrade. At that time, the new name of the DIBI ecosystem, DeerBit, will be officially launched, and the original LOGO and abbreviation DB will remain unchanged. At the same time, brand LOGO, platform terminal interface, function, product layout, service concept, compliance thinking, industry cooperation, value output, etc. also have different degrees of upgrades.

1. Brand name upgrade

The DIBI ecosystem is renamed DeerBit, and the original LOGO and abbreviation DB remain unchanged.

The DBLend lending platform was renamed DBLend Line. The original LOGO will be upgraded and replaced, and the token name DBL will remain unchanged.

Deer stands for deer. Deer symbolizes happiness and longevity. It means that DeerBit will bring happiness to all users and a long-standing service experience. At the same time, the horns on the deer head are also a powerful symbol of power, which means that DeerBit will stand in the hands of all users. In front, provide the most powerful security guard.

2. Terminal interface and function upgrade

In this brand upgrade, the optimization and upgrade of the platform’s web, app interactive interface, and back-end functions have been covered. In order to provide users with a safe and comfortable operating experience, the new platform will enable a smoother and safer back-end system, as well as more design and deep and stable interface elements.

In terms of systems, the overall optimization of core parts such as risk control, security, and matching has achieved a significant improvement in system energy efficiency. At the same time, structural optimizations have been made in terms of user registration, identity verification, KYC submission, password management, API key management, and top-up address management.

3. Upgrade of compliance thinking

Currently, DeerBit provides services to users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. After the brand upgrade, DeerBit will further implement the responsibilities of globalization based on compliance operations, and build a trading and investment environment with sufficient security for participants.

DeerBit always pays close attention to the development of relevant compliance policies. In this regard, the DeerBit compliance team has actively carried out research on application countermeasures and plans, and plans to strengthen communication with supervision and other aspects. Entered the European market with the assistance of the Carl Monte Quantum Fund of the United Kingdom. DeerBit has made another breakthrough in the compliance process, striving to become the first model of the industry’s security and compliance trading platform.

The development of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries is growing faster and faster driven by the epidemic. In particular, the continuous entry of traditional financial institutions has allowed cryptocurrency to become a daily investment sector based on compliant operations. The huge market potential and fierce industry competition always remind us that if we want to improve and progress, we must keep climbing.

In the future, DeerBit will continue to stick to its original aspirations, forge ahead, further improve the global strategic layout, and provide global users with the most valuable products and the most intimate service experience.




DeerBit Global Exchange是DIBIibi科技有限公司打造的全球首个交易平台,专注于打造去中心化交易规则。