DBLend Appear at Bmeet Encryption Reception and Foreseeing the Future of DeFi

3 min readMar 27, 2021

On March 26, Wang Honggang, executive president of DiBi Global and strategic consultant of DBLend, appeared at the Bmeet encryption reception and enthusiastically shared his views on the planning of DBLend lending platform and the future trend of DeFi.

It is reported that the Bmeet encryption reception is jointly held by Bmeet, a well-known blockchain social tool, DBLend lending platform of DiBi ecology, Babaofan, a blockchain value content aggregation platform, and Linden, a leader of IPFS distributed storage, for blockchain enthusiasts.

2021 is a year when blockchain has been officially launched. After the craziness of Bitcoin and DeFi in 2020, the world can’t look down on the industry any more, and blockchain practitioners can finally raise their eyebrows.

This Bmeet encryption reception is to take this opportunity to invite the representative projects and communities in the blockchain industry to share advanced ideas and promising fields on the one hand, and explore new possibilities on the other hand, so as to promote the development of the whole industry.

Before 17:00 p.m. and before the reception started, many people from the blockchain industry have gathered, which shows the weight and high level of the guests at the reception.

The organizers were not stingy. As soon as they entered the venue, they began to draw the red envelope rain warmed up the venue, pushing the reception to a small climax.

At 18:00, with the host opening, guests of the party appeared on the stage one by one.

Wang Shi, partner of Bmeet, shares that the overall structure of the cryptocurrency industry is very fragmented. For a long time, participants in the industry have been hindered by increasing fragmentation and mutual isolation. The emergence of Bmeet can help solve the problem of isolated blockchain, which is of great benefit to both the individual practitioners and the whole industry.

Wang Honggang, President Wang from DiBi ecology, continued to share that from 2020 to 2021, we have witnessed the attitude change of the whole encryption world from CeFi to DeFi. The future belongs to DeFi, and it belongs to all of you.

DBLend lending platform is a star product in the current situation. It not only solves the problem of trust in the past, but also greatly reduces the threshold of user participation. Through benign ecological construction and DAO, it realizes the common benefits of all participants.

DBLend lending platform is a decentralized ecological application. The platform token DBL, “0” pre excavation and “0” reservation, 100% of which are generated by decentralized mining. At the same time, through multiple smart contracts, the common profits of borrowers and lenders are realized in the platform.

With the gradual deepening of the sharing content, the present blockchain enthusiasts also showed satisfaction. Then the guests who shared were all KOL that attracted the attention of the industry, and the whole sharing process was full of dry goods.

Along with the sharing, the organizer added the l red envelope rain, and the wine cups collided in the intensive knowledge sharing and laughter.

After sharing with several guests, it was a rare visit. Naturally, the on-site blockchain industry personnel and enthusiasts did not miss the opportunity to surround several guests and throw out their own puzzles and opinions.

Such a warm atmosphere has continued into the night, and there are still a small number of partners talking with the guests. In the light songs of folk songs, the future flame of blockchain is quietly burning all over the land.




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