DBLend Appear at The Bund Encryption Reception to Discuss DeFi

On April 12, on the edge of the Bund in Shanghai, DBLend was invited to attend the DeFi encryption reception hosted by 7 O’Clock Foundation and Red Chain Capital. Recently, DBLend frequently appeared in encryption reception around the world, adding color to the development of the DeFi industry.

At this reception, Ms. Maggie, the Commercial Director of DiBi Global under DIBI ecology, brought her professional team to the reception to discuss the current trend of blockchain industry and the development prospect of DeFi with the top investment institutions and senior celebrities in the field blockchain industry.

Before that, DBLend has appeared in Chengdu and Beijing respectively. Many friends who have participated in the previous two parties have come to this scene in a long way, only to feel the influence of encryption knowledge.

When everyone was slightly drunk, Ms. Maggie, who had been waiting for a long time, finally came to the stage with applause, which affected every attention of the scene.

Ms. Maggie, as one of the co-founders of DBLend platform, is also one of the important partners of DBL China community. She said that DBLend lending platform is one of the five core applications of blockchain industry ecology, DIBI ecology, and the product of the strong combination of DeFi and CeFi.

DIBI ecology is invested and established by the DIBI Foundation of Singapore. It contains five major applications, namely, DiBi Global exchange, Meteorite quantification platform, Task Catcher super flow pool, cross domain public chain multiple encryption and DBLend lending platform I share with you today. Among them, DBLend lending platform has won the global famous investment company “BCB wealth management limited” the offshore fund “BCB token fund” to inject with 8 million US dollars.

DBLend lending platform is a decentralized ecological application. The platform token DBL, “0” pre excavation and “0” reservation, 100% of which are generated by decentralized mining. At the same time, through multiple smart contracts, the common profits of borrowers and lenders are realized in the platform.

Ms. Maggie added that if you just learned about the DBLend lending platform. Congratulations, now is a great opportunity to participate in, because the DBLend lending platform is undergoing public beta version 2.0, which is only one step away from the official launch.

DBL is needed to participate in DBLend. DBL has been mining since the rise of DeFi in 2020.

When it comes to the token DBL of DBLend lending platform, the total amount of DBL is 2.1 million, with 0 pre excavation, 0 reservation and 100% mining. Through the form of pledge mining, the mining output is once every 10 minutes, the first year’s total output is 1.05 million, the next year’s total output is 525000… The output is halved every 365 days.

The popularity of DeFi rise rapidly from 2020 to 2021. DBLend, as the world’s leading DeFi lending platform, relying on its unique advantages, will develop for a long time in the future and become a new benchmark for the development of the DeFi industry.

This reception provides valuable learning opportunities for practitioners and fans of blockchain. Meeting with DBLend is not only the luck of DBLend, but also the luck of everyone present.



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