DBLend Appear at Web3.0 Blockchain Application Conference, Walking With Future

4 min readJul 14, 2021


On July 14, 2021, the one-day Web3.0 blockchain application conference and computing power overseas and distributed storage conference kicked off in Chengdu.

This conference gathered big figures and invited many industry figures, scholars, and evangelists to discuss about computing power, distributed storage, digital currency, Web3.0, etc. The guests included: Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of the Sichuan Internet Association of the Communist Party of China, Blockchain economist and the first person of chain reform Zhu Youping, CoboWallet founder Shenyu, and DiBi Global trading platform CEO and DBLend lending platform strategy consultant Mr. Wang Honggang.

Since the Politburo meeting in 2019 adopted “blockchain” as a national strategy, various ministries and commissions have focused on promoting the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation: the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology guides and builds a blockchain industry and vigorously builds blockchain infrastructure; The National Development and Reform Commission included the blockchain in the category of “new infrastructure”; promoting the development of the new infrastructure of blockchain has become a hot topic at the moment.

In such an era, DeFi is at the forefront of the blockchain era, among which is the DIBI ecology.

DIBI ecology is invested and established by the DIBI Foundation of Singapore. It contains five major applications, namely, DiBi Global exchange, Meteorite quantification platform, Task Catcher super flow pool, cross domain public chain multiple encryption and DBLend lending platform I share with you today. Among them, DBLend lending platform has won the global famous investment company “BCB wealth management limited” the offshore fund “BCB token fund” to inject with 8 million US dollars.

The new opportunities given by the new era are equal to the participants in the global digital economy wave. Whoever can grasp the current opportunities can become the waver of the new era.

This conference focused on six major sectors and jointly discussed the new development of the industry, of which the most notable is the DeFi+NFT sector.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, many industry leaders gathered to participate in the roundtable forum on time to discuss DeFi, NFT and Polkadot ecology, including Mr. Wang Honggang, CEO of DiBi Global & DBLend Strategic Advisor.

The atmosphere of the forum was enthusiastic. The big figures shared their views on DeFi while absorbing the content shared by others. The sparks of knowledge kept colliding, and the dry goods kept accumulating in their hearts.

When talking about DeFi, Mr. Wang Honggang couldn’t hide his excitement. The DIBI ecosystem started to explore the DeFi field very early, and finally successfully launched the DBLend lending platform in 2020.

DBLend lending platform is a decentralized ecological application. The platform token DBL, “0” pre excavation and “0” reservation, 100% of which are generated by decentralized mining. At the same time, through multiple smart contracts, the common profits of borrowers and lenders are realized in the platform.

After the DBLend public beta 1.0 started in early 2021, the DBLend public beta has now entered the 2.0 stage, and the DBLend lending platform that DIBI miners have been thinking about is officially launched, which seems to be just one step away.

The total amount of DBL is only 2.1 million, and the quantity is scarce. Dig first, first serve. Even when the market has generally plummeted recently, the price of DBL has remained strong.

It is worth noting that DBL produced 1.05 million in the first year, and the output will be halved from the following year. DBL started to dig in the second half of 2020, and it is very close to the one-year period. It can be expected that, When DBL’s production is halved and it catches up with the official launch of the DBLend lending platform, and its price will have a lot of room for increase.

Even though the guests present had heard about the DIBI ecology before, they were still excited after Mr. Wang sharing on the spot.

Whether it is for ordinary people or blockchain practitioners, if you want to seize the opportunity of the encryption industry in 2021, DeFi will not be circumvented after all, and lending services are the important underlying foundation of DeFi projects.

As the blockchain shifts from retail participation to institutional admissions, blockchain technology will enter an era of specialization and institutionalization. In the next five years and ten years, blockchain will enter all aspects of our lives.

Before the DBLend lending platform is officially launched, the Web3.0 blockchain application conference has firmly remembered this name, and the future DIBI ecology and DBLend lending platform will definitely leave a strong mark in the blockchain industry.




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