Depth Interview with DBLend | Make an Impact on DeFi Lending

4 min readApr 21, 2021


At the invitation of Worldchain Finance, Wang Honggang, executive president of DiBi Global and strategic consultant of DBLend, visited the online live broadcasting room of Worldchain Finance to bring the recently awarded DBLend lending platform to users to talk about how to make an impact on DeFi lending and how to deal with the wave of blockchain DeFi in 2021.

In the 2021 World Blockchain Ecological Conference & Global Digital Mining Summit and Annual Award Ceremony, DBLend lending platform just won the most influential lending platform award. I believe many friends in the live room are curious about DBLend.

In the host’s warm welcome, Wang Honggang appeared in the live broadcast room, and a burst of red envelope rain started, pushing the atmosphere to a small climax.

Then, in the formal stage, with the questions prepared in advance by the audience, the host asked first about why DIBI ecology chose DBLend lending platform to appear in the meeting on the 17th.

Mr. Wang explained that we all know that the rise of blockchain has led to the rise of CeFi, but there are always hidden dangers in the existence of funds and exchanges that are not kept by users. This is also the reason for the rise of DeFi last year. Up to now, I believe the vast majority of people agree that DeFi is the direction of future development.

As the most important track in the DeFi ecosystem, lending is also the foundation of many other projects, such as AAVE and Compound. DBLend lending platform is also making similar attempts and innovations. Recently, DBLend launched public beta version 2.0, hoping to have more users to participate and make suggestions, which is why we chose DBLend lending platform to participate this exhibition.

Winning the prize is purely unexpected, Mr. Wang said modestly.

Of course, the audience is more curious about the DBLend lending platform itself, and Mr. Wang also gave detailed answers one by one.

DBLend lending platform is a decentralized ecological application of DeFi. One of the reasons why it can continue to attract market heat lies in its own decentralized mining. The platform’s unique token “DBL”, “0” pre excavation, “0” reservation, 100% mining. At the same time, through multiple smart contracts, the common profits of borrowers and lenders can be realized in the platform.

Since October 2020, DBL has been able to mine through pledge DIBI. The total amount of DBL is only 2.1 million, which is very scarce. After the DBLend lending platform is online, users can borrow through the DBL in their hands, and they can get a lot of income, whether they are borrowers or lenders, or even interest providers. DBLend platform took a lot of effort in its design, including the public beta. We have done two rounds, hoping to verify it repeatedly, thus forming a virtuous circle, so that all participating users can find profit points.

At present, DBLend lending platform has supported mainstream digital currencies such as WBTC/ETH/USDT/YFI. More tokens will be opened in the future. Please look forward to what token is.

The official token of DBLend lending platform is DBL. The total amount of DBL is 2.1 million, with 0 pre excavation, 0 reservation and 100% mining. Through the form of pledge mining, the mining output is once every 10 minutes, the first year’s total output is 1.05 million, the next year’s total output is 525000… The output is halved every 365 days. The token itself is an extreme deflation model to protect the rights and interests of eco preachers. In addition, DBL holders also enjoy the following rights and interests:

Equity 1: pledge DBL to borrow mainstream currency and obtain high interest;

Equity 2: contribute DBL as interest, and quickly obtain 10% income;

Equity 3: injecting DBL liquidity into Uniswap to obtain income;

Equity 4: DBL holders have DBLend Dao voting rights;

Equity 5: DBL holders can participate in various airdrop activities within the DiBi Global ecosystem.

In addition, DBLend also cooperates with other brother platforms of DIBI ecology to form a perfect and sound ecological cycle, which is why DBLend lending platform has such influence.

DBLend public beta version 2.0 is in hot progress, many friends who know the news in advance are also eager to ask the way to participate in the live room.

At present, DBLend needs to apply for the public beta through the white list. Users who participate in the public beta and make suggestions also have the opportunity to get the award of mysterious airdrop. The official hopes to provide the best products to everyone through continuous polishing.

At the end of the interview, Mr. Wang also shared his views on the future of DeFi. He believes that DeFi is just in its infancy. In the next ten years or even in a shorter period of time, DeFi will usher in a more rapid and amazing development. If we start to pay attention now, both DBLend lending platform and everyone here will witness this history.




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