DIBI & BITP Create Blockchain Myth, Special Training Meeting is Gratifying

From November 8 to 9, DIBI, together with BITP Greater China Community Alliance, held a global BITP “Decentralized Transaction Consensus + DeFi Ecology” core training meeting in Changsha, China! Even under the premise of limited number of miners, miners from all over the Greater China region are still enthusiastic and rush to the venue. The consensus of this core training meeting is rare in the past years!

It is understood that the core training meeting has given great encouragement to community miners in the whole country, and has played an excellent role in promoting the development of BITP miner alliance and even the whole blockchain industry!

At the core training meeting of the miner’s Union, the most important news was that the DIBI Foundation injected $1 million to join hands with BITP. DIBI Foundation is a non-profit investment institution established by DIBI Technology Co., Ltd. in Singapore in 2019. It is committed to investing in and contributing to various high-quality and potential blockchain neighborhood projects through blockchain knowledge, education, technology research and concept dissemination, so as to promote the development and empowerment of blockchain technology in all fields of the world.

“DiBi Global Exchange” and “DBLend decentralized lending platform” are representative projects invested by DIBI Foundation.

Wang Gang, CEO of DiBi Global exchange, said at the meeting: DiBi Global now ranks 91st in the world and plans to sprint to the top 20 in the world within one year. However, in this process, DiBi Global also needs many excellent partners, such as BITP.

BITP is an efficient blockchain ecological platform using Keccak multi period encryption algorithm and BPOS mining and master node assignment consensus mechanism. It is used for anonymous transfer, instant payment and fast exchange. It aims to solve the problems of slow confirmation, serious privacy leakage and poor scalability of blockchain digital assets transaction in the transaction process. With the help of Coinmix technology, users can start an anonymous transaction application in BITP system. “BPOS essentials” completes the coin service and confuses the transaction, hides the real transfer address, avoids other people tracking the direction of funds through data coloring or address marking, and truly realizes the anonymity of transactions.

It is BITP’s excellent technical strength that opens the door for cooperation between the two sides, and DiBi Global will also make use of its own strength to create a blockchain myth with BITP!

At the same time, Duan Gongzi, co-founder of BITP Juchuang Community, partner of Huobi city node, and top thinking builder of blockchain, shared BITP’s original dream and expressed that bitp would build an unparalleled decentralized payment system in technology, making bitp a platform for wealth building and win-win with DiBi Global.

Later, President Wu of Juchuang Lianxin Business School also shared the “Juchuang culture of the road of wealth”!

The way to wealth is to have a systematic culture and have clear dreams, said President Wu.

“Gather the world’s talents to create a great career in the century!” It is the idea of Juchuang Community!

“With 100000 BITP, it will be one billion!” It is a small goal of Juchuang people!

“Love the world, altruism” is the first heart of Juchuang!

“Lead 10 million people to start businesses in the blockchain industry, realize financial freedom and make it easier for people in the world to start businesses!” It is the mission of Juchuang!

“Create a new era to create the world’s first brand” is the vision of Juchuang group!

When talking about Juchuang culture, President Wu was very excited. President Wu said: if all Juchuang people practice Juchuang culture well, the dream of Juchuang trillion level industrial chain will surely come true!

After listening to so much sharing, the community miners are not only excited, but also ready to meet the challenge. At this time, the meeting also came to another key agenda, namely the trading consensus operation section. The co-founder of Juchuang community and CEO of Tuyere Capital, Master Token, conducted practical exercises for all community miners with meticulous and patient practical operation. After the practical exercise, the community miners feel that they are one step closer to their own small goals.

With the passage of time, the meeting has come to the end of the night and from the night to the morning. After two days, the two intensive core training sessions have come to an end. However, the miners in the meeting room are unwilling to leave for a long time. They discuss and confirm the training contents, strive not to miss any details, and strive to improve their professional knowledge as soon as possible. They also begin to think about how to lead more partners to create brilliance together.

At the end of the meeting, it was learned that BITP will launch DiBi Global in the near future. I believe that with the support of DIBI and BITP Juchuang Community, everyone’s dream will surely come true in the ecology of decentralized transaction consensus. In the future, more and more people will climb the peak of wealth together!

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