DiBi Global “Earn”-“DBL mining” 1st round” kick-off successfully

Since the opening of the DiBi Global trading platform “Earn” function, it has been highly concerned by community partners. As the first financial product in “Earn” function, “DBL mining 1st round” has reached the limit of 200 million DIBI in only two days since its application.

It is reported that “DeFi mining” is a series of heavy products launched by the “Earn “ function. Through” DeFi mining “, users can participate in popular DeFi projects while avoiding the high Ethernet charges .

With the enthusiastic participation of users, As at 12:00 on 11 February 2021(GMT+8), “DBL mining 1st round” successfully achieved the goal of mining, Officials will stake all lock-in DIBI at 16:00(GMT+8) on Feb.11 to the DBLend mining contract to begin mining DBL, and the DBL revenue will be allocated to all participants according to DiBi’s share in the lock-in at the end of the lock-in period (30 days).

In the near fufure, the DiBi Global will launch more and more “Earn/DeFi” products , please look forward to it!

At the same time, We wish all users a happy New year, the Year of the Ox!

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Thank you for your support.DiBi look forward for your advices.

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DeerBit Global Exchange是DIBIibi科技有限公司打造的全球首个交易平台,专注于打造去中心化交易规则。

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DeerBit Global Exchange是DIBIibi科技有限公司打造的全球首个交易平台,专注于打造去中心化交易规则。