Task Catcher, Blockchain Super Traffic Pool

3 min readFeb 25, 2021


2020 is a magical year. In this year, we have experienced a global epidemic. Countless real economies have collapsed. In fact, there are many century old enterprises.

In the same year, blockchain began to enter the public view, and DeFi swept the whole digital asset world at an exponential growth rate.

One is the crisis of the real economy, and the other is the vigorous development of the virtual economy. If we can combine the two, will a large number of real economy find a turning point?

With such a starting point, DIBI Ecology gave birth to Task Catcher, the turning center of real economy and virtual economy.

Task Catcher is a comprehensive task distribution platform based on the underlying technology of blockchain. It aims to combine real economy with virtual economy through the advantages of big data and traffic, and promote the rapid development of high-quality projects.

Task Catcher, as the name suggests, is to gain users through tasks to be an accurate traffic catcher.

Through conventional tasks, promotion tasks and joint tasks, the Task Catcher super traffic pool can split the users of excellent projects exponentially. At the same time, with the advantages of DIBI ecology, it can leverage the users of DiBi Global, DBLend and other platforms. Different users can maximize the benefits of the project while achieving individual benefits, and achieve mutual benefit to win-win results.

There are many users in Task Catcher. When a new project enters Task Catcher, how can it attract users’ attention?

Through the release of reward tasks, attract users to complete the task. In this process, users can not only get benefits, but also get a deeper understanding of the project through the task. It is a win-win situation for both high-quality projects and users.

For example, the online project wants users to get to know them first. Then it can publish a task to log on to the website to read the white paper. Some projects may want users to register for use. For transaction applications, it may want users to have a transaction interaction. All these contents can be converted into tasks.

From the user’s point of view, this is not only a cornucopia for understanding high-quality projects, but also a chance to get all kinds of task rewards full of surprises in the process of understanding, which will greatly stimulate the user’s desire to find, understand and use.

In the era of blockchain and big data, the traditional real economy is also facing transformation. When more and more attention turns to the virtual world and more and more traffic flows into the digital economy, Task Catcher is a solid bridge between the real economy and the virtual economy.

The future of blockchain has come, and one of the super traffic entrances of blockchain is in the hands of Task Catcher.




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